Three weeks on

It's three weeks since I bought my new guitar and I must say more than liking it, I'm loving it.


Maybe I'm just getting used to the sound but even in the short time that I've been playing it, I think the sound has started to warm up a bit already. In terms of the quality of the sound it's definitely growing on me and I'm quite positive about this spruce-top instrument being the right choice for my own pieces. I haven't had the chance to play much classical music on it but when I have done, they don't sound too bad either. 


In some respects it feels like a harder guitar to play, especially when holding barres in higher positions. The neck profile is flatter than what I'm used to and that's throwing my not-much-to-speak-of technique a bit but I'm hoping I will be able to adjust my playing style to overcome this problem eventually. In other respects it actually feels a bit easier to play. Certainly tone production has ceased to be a struggle, especially on the upper strings, even with my doggy nails. And in terms of volume, I am finding it a hard instrument to play quietly! It's a roaring beast, wanting to make its presence known and while I haven't had the opportunity to test it out in a hall, it seems very responsive to driving hard, so to speak and seems to want to give more in volume the harder you push it. I really am looking forward to playing it 'for real' in not too distant a future, hopefully. 


All in all, it's onwards and upwards. One is happy!

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