A month on now

What a difference a set of strings makes.

It's a month on now and I'm getting more and more used to my new guitar, discovering its quirks and learning to get the most out of it. One thing I have learnt is that a good instrument not only brings out the best of the player and all the other elements involved in making music with it but also the worst! Last week I thought it was time I put on some new strings so as I had bought two sets of medium tension Augustine strings from the Acoustic Show (and had another set already) I wasted no time in furnishing my guitar with these new strings. Now, I never really thought that much of Augustine strings before. They seem to work well on an average guitar like my relegated cutaway, reserved for busking but having put them on my Montoya, I can honestly say that the older set of strings (whatever they were) sounded much nicer and in fact both in terms of sound quality and intonation it's been a set back (sorry Augustine)! You really can't short-change an instrument of such quality with a set of strings that wouldn't bring the best out of it. All I can say is 'lesson learnt'; the next set of strings will be either Hannabach or higher end Savarez. 

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