I started to play the guitar at the age of 12 in my place of birth Tehran, Iran. I was only interested in rock music to begin with but my taste in music and style of playing changed over the years as my experience of the sound world around me expanded. I became interested in acoustic music in general and folk music from around the world, including Iranian regional music and especially the music of my ancestral homeland Armenia. Eventually, having listened to a lot of classical music through my father's encouragement, I discovered the classical guitar and completely fell in love with it. 


When I was 19, my father and I came to the UK to start a new life. I had no intention of following a musical career to begin with but eventually realised that music was one thing that I was reasonably good at and ended up studying for a degree in Performance Arts at what was then Middlesex Polytechnic (now university). Here, a number of significant opportunities came my way, from joining the great Gilbert Biberian's Omega Players (a ten-piece classical guitar ensemble) on encouragement by my guitar teacher Peter Reuffer, through playing the bass guitar in my fellow student but already a well-established jazz pianist Veryan Weston's band the Stinky Winkles and eventually, through Veryan's introduction, becoming the bass player for Moire Music, a fourteen-piece band led by the great veteran of British modern jazz Trevor Watts. These were all invaluable experiences which helped me grow as a musician and strongly influenced my taste and preferences in music. 


Another venture that started life at Middlesex which I became a part of was the pop band Avanti. The band, which I spent many fun days rehearsing and gigging with, was led by good friends, singer-songwriters Adam Guillain and Richard Free and included other friends from the poly and outside.


Last but by no means least, it was at Middlesex that I also met pianist Tris Harris, a great friend to this day, who had a strong influence on me in developing my taste for jazz music. Tris and I started to play at first as a guitar and piano duo and later formed our own band, Diaspora which we co-led for a number of years. 


In 1989 I decided to give up professional music making and started training to become a nurse. I continue my nursing career to date, however, since the year 2010 I have returned to my musical roots and have taken up the solo guitar again in my spare time, playing both classical music and pieces of my own. Since 1992 I have also been a church musician and play regularly with my local church band at New Life Bible Church in Wealdstone, North West London.